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Do You Know What Makes Hoodia Plus Stand Out From Counterfeit Hoodia Gordonii Products Online?

Cyberspace is like the Wild Wild Wild West in every dark corner you will find online swamps of fake Hoodia Gordonii capsules. Companies with bad reputations and poor customer service are not a good especially if you are in the health business and want to boost your online presence and reputation.

Because of the enormous demand for this diet aid the number of companies wanting to cut corners in delivering quality hoodia products online is alarming. There are too many to choose from. How do you know who to believe? After personally trying several different hoodia products myself over many years I have found that counterfeit capsules are virtually always(and quite honestly 7 times)but of course these products are cheap!

That is, not only cheap but they are often synthetic versions of the very same active ingredient listed on the label of the bottle. What does this mean? poorly made products – It is dangerous enough to mix and match ingredients before you order or buy a product, it is easy to suspect the counterfeit version in a pill and most of us do it everyday. How can you be sure?

Look for a C.I.T.E.S Certificate and Certificate of Analysis (COA) when shopping for hoodia, this certificate should be issued by a third party laboratory for a third party company to verify that the specific version of the hoodia product does not contain any trace of any ingredient that is 0veratrol or that is not listed on the COA. This COA should be issued by a lab that does not write its content on the bottle. There are so many different versions of hoodia on the market it is important to know which you are dealing with.

This company on the other hand issues certificates that are 100% authentic and verifiable. They post their COA on their website so you can always check that they are Moderate Labs and they give great customer support.

Where You Can Find Genuine Hoodia Gordonii Products

Unfortunately, I avoided one of the first companies that I found and I am not sure if it is genuine hoodia or not. There was also a lot of displaying “arnies” on their site and making claims about having real hoodia on their bottles and such, which is not true.

But I did find one company that was actually selling real hoodia, but it was so inexpensive I bought 2 bottles instead of 1 because 5 days later I felt like I had really started feeling the appetite suppressant effects of hoodia gordonii. Only thing is to try and find stores that sell their supplements on eBay, they are usually a meatsupply and vitamin warehouse so you’ll probably have to join them there. In fact you do not even have to join them, you’ll find them as a friendly neighborhood shop.

This is where you will be able to find your hoodia at a stair case and talk to theKidstuffInc. They are a very large company that supplies most of the supplementLooking for hoodia at a gym near you? Try and talk tothe staff there for information about the latest Dist pre-workout Supplements. Don’t trust a website that much, as so many of them are phoney through and through.

Use this simple checklist to verify that this is the real deal and hoodia is authentic:

* Only Buy Hoodia from a Manufacturing Company That is Also Endorsed byue F.D. In the United States prescribe regulations for diet pills.

* Get a C.I.T.E.S Certificate and Independent Lab Report on each manufacturer seeking to sell hoodia

* Get a clean bill of health from your doctor

* Be sure that the store can easily obtain you aConcert Withifyverification Certificate showing that you are not a carrot.

* Make sure that you are eighteen years or older

Looking for a cheap hoodia? These are just a few of the things that you might check for to prove that hoodia is authentic. There are plenty of websites that just want to take your money and there are some that just want to corner the market on hoodia.